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24 Days to Multiplication Mastery Free Coupon

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24 Days to Multiplication Mastery Free Coupon

Multiplication Mastery get your mental math up to snuff in 24 days – Udemy Free Coupon.

24 Days to Multiplication Mastery

This is the ultimate course and practice routine to get your mental math up to snuff in 24 days.

Course Description

24 Days to Multiplication Mastery is a fully comprehensive course for learning and internalizing single digit multiplication from 2 through 9. It is not only effectively organized and specially tailored for multiple learning styles, but it is fun and colorful with a plethora of visual and auditory cues to keep you engaged from Day 1 to Day 24.

The reason why I created this free course is because I have recognized, after years of private tutoring, that multiplication mastery underpins everyone’s ability to succeed in all math courses thereafter. Once you nail down this component, your confidence will soar and math success will inevitably follow.

The key with this course is to put in consistent practice every day. Follow the curriculum exactly as it is laid out, and in 24 days, I promise that you will have a brand new skill in your back pocket!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Rattle off the products of all single digit multiplication
  • Understand how to apply basic multiplication techniques to mentally calculate two-digit multiplication problems
  • Calculate products and numbers more quickly than with a calculator
  • Experience a massive improvement in all other areas of math
  • Gain tremendous amounts of confidence in math and beyond

Multiplication Mastery Free Coupon