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SO ME Academy – FACEBOOK Retargeting conversions

SO ME Academy - FACEBOOK Retargeting conversions

Discover the power of Facebook retargeting and how Massively increase conversions when you make brand awareness and recall .

SO ME Academy – FACEBOOK Retargeting Course Description

  • Learn skills that can increase your website conversions by up to 400%
  • LinkedIn Certification: Add your “Facebook Advertising & Retargeting” certification to your LinkedIn profile

Why is retargeting so important? That’s a pretty simple question. Once you know who is viewing your website, you’re able to market to them in ways that you never before could have imagined.

The stats: Little more than 2% of traditional website visitors will convert to become a paying customers. Now imagine being able to boost responses to your adverts and increase conversions by up to 400%. Social retargeting is the secret ingredient required to achieve amazing results.

Throughout this course, we’re going to explore the concepts and practical know-how of retargeting using Facebook. So many businesses miss out on this opportunity because they aren’t aware that it even exists.

Consider being on your Facebook feed after viewing an acoustic guitar online and closing the browser tab and forgetting to buy it or bookmark it. Now imagine seeing a discreet advertisement that prompts you to go back and take a second look. A gentle reminder to make a purchase and a re-enforcement of the brand.

In-fact Social Retargeting is so important that many brands have reported seeing a 1046% increase in searches for their brands after using Social Retargeting – a clear sign of heightened brand awareness and recall.

What in SO ME Academy – FACEBOOK Retargeting course?

  • Understand Social Retargeting
  • Install the Retargeting Pixel
  • Understand Groups
  • Decide a retargeting strategy

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