LeadPages Facebook Advertising Free Course

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LeadPages Facebook Advertising Free Course

LeadPages Facebook Advertising System To Get More Leads and Clients with This 11-Part – Facebook Advertising Blueprint (A $297 Value, Free)

LeadPages Facebook Advertising Free Course

Find Out What Really Works in LeadPages Facebook Advertising with This Complete System

  • What you’ll find below is a 100% free and no strings attached video course (with over 10 videos) … that takes you from start to finish through a profitable Facebook advertising campaign. Using this same system alone, LeadPages Facebook Advertising adds at least 4,000 leads and over 250 paying customers every month to our business.
  • You’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions on how to create your own profitable Facebook advertising campaign, so you can rinse and repeat it for your business (without any of the frustrations you would encounter doing it on your own).
  • You’ll get behind-the-scenes access to the entire Facebook advertising strategy we use at LeadPages Facebook Advertising (and of course explanations on how to borrow this exact Facebook advertising system).

Facebook advertising is all the rage right now for good reason: never before have business owners and marketing teams had so much data to profitably advertise online. However, it’s easy to get sucked into the trend of Facebook advertising, run a few campaigns, and literally wind up with nothing to show for it. Most business owners give up, and never realize the benefits LeadPages Facebook Advertising offers. 

With a step-by-step plan, you can start using LeadPages Facebook Advertising to deliver new leads and customers fast without the costly learning curve of figuring it out on your own. And with our plan in place, your campaigns will give your business that much needed boost.

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Find Trending Hashtags To Drive Traffic FREE

Find Trending Hashtags To Drive Traffic

Trending Hashtags To Drive Traffic – Udemy Free Coupon Course !!

Find Trending Hashtags To Drive Traffic

Hashtag Marketing Udemy Course. Learn how to find trending hashtags to drive traffic and use in social media marketing campaigns

Course Description

  1. Do you want to master the trending hashtags in social media marketing?
  2. Do you want to increase the reach and engagement of your marketing content?
  3. AND do you want to get your social media posts seen by 1000s of people so you can generate more leads and sales?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this is the RIGHT course for you. I will show you how to find the most popular trending hashtags in your industry. Also how to use them on all of social media marketing platforms for maximum impact.

Trending Hashtags are important part of social media marketing channels. After completing the course, this is what you will accomplish

  • Become a hashtag marketing expert for all social media channels
  • In less than 10min find top trending hashtags in your industry
  • Learn about the top 10+ hashtag marketing tools that will save you hours of work
  • Increase the social media content reach & engagement on all marketing channels

This course comes with 30day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. Click on “Take This Course” on the top right hand side and lets make you a hashtag marketing expert.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Increase the reach & engagement of social media content by following best practices of hashtag marketing
  • Find most popular and trending hashtags in any niche in less than 10 min
  • Boost social media campaigns by using brand specific and campaign specific hashtags

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Solo Ads Lead Generation Course Free

Solo Ads Lead Generation : Build a list of loyal subscribers who know you, like you, and trust you consistently and reliably using solo ads.

Solo Ads To Lead Generation

Course Description

Are you frustrated trying to build a responsive list of leads who know you, like you, and trust you?

Have you ever thought about building a highly responsive email list, but you’re stuck spinning your wheels, because you’re just not sure how to get started on the right track?

Then you’ll love the perfect intro to lead generation using solo ads lead! Check it out, so you can finally have the freedom and confidence that’s only possible when you have a list of truly responsive leads who ultimately become lifelong fans.

You should enroll so you can build massive authority, prestige and rapport in your niche that’s only possible when you connect with your end users in the right way.

At the end of the course, you will generate leads for your Internet marketing, biz op, self-help and other mass market offers consistently and reliably.

You’ll discover how to generate leads using solo ads lead, but not just any leads! These leads will know you, like you and trust you based upon the fundamentals in this comprehensive intro to lead generation using solo ads lead.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build a list of email subscribers who know you, like you, and trust you using solo ads lead.
  • Develop relationships, rapport, and prestige all the while actually helping your end users.
  • Use solo ads lead as a consistent and reliant means to generate leads in the Internet marketing, biz op, self help, or weightless niches.
  • Develop goodwill with your end users, so they confide in you, reply to your emails, and even become longtime fans.
  • Discover exactly what your end users want and need, on an automated and perpetual basis.
  • Determine the best-selling and most reliant solo ad vendors, using little-known but powerful techniques that are 100% evergreen.
  • Learn about the biggest and best solo ad marketplace on the planet, with rigorous traffic filtering, shortchanged, or ripped off buying traffic ever again

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Creating Traffic from Retail Sites

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Creating Traffic

Creating Traffic from Retail Sites : Perhaps you have followed the trend in business to create an internet web site for your business that can be used to supplement your marketing efforts. If so, you have joined the momentum to create a corresponding “place” in cyberspace that can be used to reach customers online. The need for such an internet presence is entirely market driven. Internet sales have soared, particularly in certain market segments and more and more, the first place people go to in order to learn about your business is the internet. If they find a well designed web site that is full of features, that works fast and draws them in, that can be a tremendous tool for promoting your business.

Creating Traffic

When you set up a marketing tool outside of cyberspace, the first concern is how will that new marketing effort get noticed. So we are drawn to places where there is already an active creating traffic of people who would qualify as our customers. That may mean putting up a billboard where it will be seen by people going to work. That target audience may be the best population to respond to your message. Or if your business appeals to youth, advertising on MTV or on popular radio stations is a natural place to put your marketing money because the creating traffic is already there.

We have to approach the internet differently. Yes, the creating traffic is already there but we have to enter the world of cyberspace marketing with a different kind of strategy so we can reach the customers who are traveling certain “internet roads” and make sure those roads lead to our web site.

There is whole a cottage industry that has sprung up around the need for knowledgeable internet marketing gurus. And, yes, it’s a good idea to use their talents to make sure the search engines put your web site in front of the right kind of client or customer. These talented internet geeks can put your business web site into the flow of web surfers so you get your fair share of that traffic.

That said, you don’t have to wait for the internet marketing experts to make your web site more successful. If the business has made the effort to put that web site up, you want to see it start to pay off right away. That is why you should consider some creative ways to drive people to your web site from your traditional markets thus educating your current customers, clients and partners about the site. Ways to do that include…

-Promote the web site at the retail level. Some creative signage at your retail locations can create some momentum and interest in customers to go see your exciting new web site.

-Put the link on all correspondence. If you have flyers, a magazine or other current means of communications, your URL should always be listed there. Add your URL to your email signature and on business cards and all other forms of communication so your community of clients, customers and partners get used to associating that web site with you as much as they do your business name.

-Create excitement. It is easy to operate a business contest from your retail sites that drives people to the web site for clues or to claim their winnings. That kind of momentum can create huge surges of creating traffic through your web site with the corresponding surge of sales and leads.

The modern customer or client is used to seeing the promotion of a web site included with other forms of promotion and advertising. You are not “assaulting” your customer base with this information. If anything, when your audience sees that the business has burst into the cyberspace world in a big way, they will be thrilled and as likely to respond with, “It’s about time.”.

You know how much you depend on the internet to keep you informed about areas of interest and about businesses you like to patronize. So creating traffic not only putting up a good web site but letting people know that it is there and that there are big things there for them to enjoy is doing them a favor as much as it is creating new marketing opportunities for your business.

Facebook Retargeting Strategies for More Profits

Facebook Retargeting Strategies for More Profits Coupon

Facebook Retargeting Strategies for More Profits : Learn how Facebook Retargeting ads can give you maximum exposure, traffic and sales!

Facebook Retargeting Strategies for More Profits

Facebook Retargeting Strategies for More Profits

Course Description

Retargeting is super important because it’s just so many extra sales you’re going to get at such a low cost per conversion you cannot ignore it. You need to create a custom audience of clickers.

You should be running retargeting ads as soon as your campaign’s are profitable and sales are starting to come in without a doubt. Even if it’s a small audience, I like to put the retargeting at $5 per day and just let it slowly run. You’re going to pick up lots of extra sales this way.

Facebook Retargeting Strategies

This has to be the secret source that makes facebook marketing so very special. I’m going to show you how facebook retargeting can supercharge your marketing, build your reputation and increase your sales.

Retargeting enables you to create audiences that you can market to again once they have takes a specific action. This is a great way to mop up sales or to market to people in a different way in order to get them on board.

The possibilities are endless when you have a retargeting pixel on your side.

In this course not only will give you a chance to reintroduce your offer back to your target market so that you can increase conversions at a much cheaper Facebook advertising cost, but you will have a chance to consistently provide value to your hot market of people who are already familiar with your brand specifically.

If you are practicing SEO, you’ll notice huge benefits from both a retargeting standpoint… and higher organic search rankings if you implement these strategies in this course.

Retargeting is priceless. To have the ability to know exactly who has come to your page and produce specific retargeted ads to just that audience is incredible and if used correctly can really boost your sales and lead generation.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the power of retargeting and implement advanced must have strategies that all the big dogs are using!
  • Avoid to retarget the wrong way and do retargeting the right way by retargeting people who really interested to your business using a piece of javascript code created by our team!
  • Increase conversions at a much cheaper Facebook advertising cost and dramatically boost sales by following your visitors all over the web.
  • Implement Facebook Retargeting Strategies ads into your business model for maximum exposure, traffic, and sales conversions.
  • Retarget ANYTHING in the Facebook newsfeed, from t-shirts, to biz-ops, to real estate!
  • The combination of retargeting and marketing which is one of the biggest strategy in 2014, and it’s going to be an even bigger strategy in 2015 & 2016.
  • Reverse engineer winning Retargeting Facebook ads for proven results
  • How to use retargeting ads to get much cheaper, laser targeted, high converting ads set up on autopilot!
  • Build the perfect Retargeting Ad.
  • Watch a powerful case study on how I increased sales in 2 weeks using Retargeting Facebook ads!
  • How to add a retargeting pixel (from any Retargeting Strategies network) to ANY of your tracking links whether you own the website it points to or not

Facebook Retargeting Udemy Coupon

Easy Video Marketing Creator Free

Easy Video Marketing creator

Learn to easily create professional video marketing videos in minutes without any hard work – Free course on Udemy !!

Easy Video Marketing creator

Course Description

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in creating high quality videos, with Explaindio video creation software. We show you how easy it is to create and develop high quality videos for any purpose like below.

  1. video marketing
  2. Youtube Promotions
  3. Presentations
  4. Sell videos to clients

Step by step instructions how to use the software to create your first video marketing for any business !!

This course is designed for any level of user who is interested in making videos.

Links to the software are included as well as step by step how to create a video.

The course is a screenshot video, showing you how to use the software.

If you want to learn to create videos, this software is highly effective in producing slide type videos.

Create Attention-Grabbing Professional-Looking Marketing, Explainer & Training Videos in Just Minutes!

Now with the new version of Explaindio there is so much more you can do

promotional videos for products – product reviews – business presentations – sales videos – YouTube videos – marketing videos and much more

Whiteboard and Animation videos are quickly become some of the most popular and most often created videos by video marketing firms. The reason is that Whiteboard and Animation videos get attention. More views and longer audience view times are what every video creator wants. This course will teach you how to use one of the premiere Whiteboard and animation video Creation software products available.

What are the requirements?

  • desire to learn
  • explaindio software
  • pre-existing content they want to use in a video

What in Video Marketing course?

  • create professional videos
  • quickly make a video
  • understand how to make videos with explaindio
  • learn tips for using explaindio
  • make videos in minutes
  • offline video creation
  • create amazing slide shows
  • know how to make a business spresentation
  • create videos for reviewing of products

What is the target audience?

  • video marketers
  • youtube channel owners
  • business professionals
  • tutorial creators
  • anyone who needs videos
  • anyone looking to make extra income producing videos
  • anyone who wants to get more views of their videos

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The Article Marketing Art

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The Article Marketing Art

What is Article Marketing Art ? It is a form of advertising wherein a business hires a writer or does it themselves to write short articles in the hopes that this will promote their business.

The Article Marketing Art


Article marketing Art has been around for quite awhile. Some say this was first used when mass print became available. In the print form, this type of advertising was used by entrepreneurs as a means of obtaining free space. This is given to a newspaper free of charge in exchange for the business’ contact information with the article. Most newspapers are happy to accept this kind of arrangement because their budget was very limited in compensating writers for their work.

The setup is not that different for online article marketing Art because writers may post their work in different websites as well as put it in their own. Articles that are posted elsewhere are known as an article directory.

The reason why articles posted in such sites are free is because the directory owner puts advertisements on the side and collects revenue from it. As more traffic is achieved, both the directory owner and the writer gain something from it.

Some websites give the writer the option of choosing the kind of advertising to be displayed on the page. If you don’t like the options, you can always go for the page without any advertisements.

There are differences though between printed and online article marketing. For one, it is much faster to look for a certain article online because keywords are often used for search engine optimization. This means if you are looking for a certain topic, you will be able to see what you are looking for in just a matter of seconds.

If you think that the articles posted can only be seen in sites such as www.ezinearticles.com or www.about.com, think again because some have now used social networks to their message across.

Examples of sites include Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendster. This strategy is known as Web 2.0 generation.

Some people say that the rise in the number of people who use article marketing Art has a negative effect because it has brought down the quality in the articles written. To prevent this from happening, you have to post articles that are relevant and informative.

Article marketing Art is just one way of promoting a service or product. If you don’t have enough money to market it using other means, this will be a good way to get started. In posting elsewhere or in your own website, the most important thing to do is to use relevant keywords so it will be easy for visitors to see your site.

Online Traffic Domination In 9 Steps Free

Online Traffic Domination In 9 Steps Free

Online Traffic Domination In 9 Steps – Learn how I’ve managed to drive up to 2367+ visitors/day to my website and how you can do it to!

Online Traffic Domination In 9 Steps

Course Description

Stop struggling and procrastinating in your business and start getting online traffic for it right now. More visitors will bring you conversions, conversions will bring you sales and sales will bring you revenue and that is what You want out of your business!

When I first started in the online arena, more than 4 years ago, there weren’t as many methods and traffic generation systems as are now in the market and finding myself in the situation of starting new projects and business in the last year I’ve discovered that all the information and stuff you find out there can be very confusing and most of the time it’s just “crap”

So…have you ever found yourself in a situation of losing your enthusiasm, searching for the “right methods and systems” for months and finally getting frustrated because you don’t get the expected results in your online business meanwhile your competition and all the online “gurus” are crushing it? As I have, You probably have to!

The truth is that with everything there is in the market we tend to complicate things, procrastinate and never take action and this is the reason why we don’t get results.

Online Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and the starting point for all future success so why complicate things? why procrastinate?

Things are actually simple and haven’t changed much as principles. If we organize them and follow them step by step, knowing the methods that work we can easily choose what is best for our business.

“The 9 Steps to Online Traffic Domination” is a course that You don’t afford to miss if you are in anyway involved in an online business, project or presence and as experts are stating right now: “If you don’t have your business online you don’t have a business at all!” In this course you will find put together all the methods that really work to generate traffic so you can start making the right traffic strategy right away and choosing the methods that work best for you.

I believe that results speak for themselves in business and by using only 2 of the 9 methods I’ve managed to bring more than 2335 people in a single day on one of my websites. You can check this out in the “About Me + Results” Section. So think about what this can mean for your business!

So, You will learn

  1. How to get all the online traffic you need or want from Social Media, that means Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest.
  2. How to master high targeted traffic using PPC
  3. How to setup your Business for long lasting FREE SEO traffic.
  4. How to use article marketing and guest posting to generate instant traffic and boost rankings!
  5. How to use Forums and Communities in order to leverage community traffic.
  6. How to use E-mail Marketing and Solo Ads to get high converting traffic over and over again!
  7. How to use Contextual Media to get traffic like an Affiliate Guru!
  8. How to use Video Marketing to drive waves of traffic to your business.
  9. How to use banner ads and find the best places for your banners to generate high targeted traffic for your business and as a result crazy sales!
  10. How to have an overview of things and setup a starting point using “The Online Traffic Master-plan”

..and much, much more!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to chose the right methods of traffic for rocking their business
  • How to get all the traffic you need or want from Social Media, that means Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest.
  • How to master high targeted traffic using PPC
  • How to setup your Business for long lasting FREE SEO traffic.
  • How to use article marketing and guest posting to generate instant traffic and boost rankings!
  • How to use Forums and Communities in order to leverage community traffic.
  • How to use E-mail Marketing and Solo Ads to get high converting traffic over and over again!
  • How to use Contextual Media to get traffic like an Affiliate Guru!
  • How to use Video Marketing to drive waves of traffic to your business.
  • How to use banner ads and find the best places for your banners to generate high targeted traffic for your business and as a result crazy sales!
  • How to have an overview of things and setup a starting point using “The Traffic Master-plan”

Online Traffic Free Course

Write and Publish Kindle eBook Free Coupon

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Write and Publish Kindle eBooks

How to write, format, design, publish and launch a high-quality Kindle eBook and hit the bestsellers list in 5 days or less!

Write and Publish Kindle eBooks

Course Description

Learn to write, format and publish high-quality Kindle eBooks on Amazon’s KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a bestselling author???

In this course, I not only walk you step-by-step through the entire book writing and publishing process, but I also tech you how to successfully launch your eBook on Amazon to ensure you reach the bestsellers list in 5 days or less!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Follow a step-by-step process to write, format, design, publish, launch and promote a bestselling Kindle eBook on Amazon
  • Set yourself up for success! Get prepared and organized for the journey ahead
  • Find out what two things all self-published authors MUST invest in
  • Conduct Amazon market research to ensure your book stands out from the rest
  • Types of book styles and average word counts
  • Learn the elements of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Brainstorm a book idea and covert those ideas into an easy-to-follow outline
  • Find a target daily word count to map out writing goals
  • Simple exercise to increase writing speed and unlock creativity
  • A Step-by-step KDP publishing Kindle eBook  tutorial
  • Professional formatting tips and tricks
  • Create an interactive Table of Contents
  • Create a killer Kindle eBook description with HTML
  • Finding a professionally designed high-quality book cover
  • DIY book cover creation with PowerPoint
  • Create a strong call-to-action that leads to more sales
  • Benefits of enrolling in KDP Select
  • Kindle eBook promotion and marketing strategies for success
  • How to set up a FREE Kindle eBook promotion
  • How to set up a .99 cent book promotion

As an added bonus, I’ll teach you…

  • How to hit the Amazon bestsellers list in 5 days or less!
  • How to get your books to rank higher in Amazon search results

If you’ve ever wanted to write and publish your own books on Amazon, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create a high-quality eBook for Amazon’s digital publishing platform, KDP.

Kindle Ebooks Free Coupon

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