Forex Rates Parity Theories Free Course

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Forex Rates Parity Theories Free Course

Forex Rates Parity Theories : Learn theory behind determinants of Foreign Exchange Currency Rates

Forex Rates Parity Theories

Forex Rates Course Description

Welcome to the course Forex Rate Parity Theories.

In order to take this course, you should have basic knowledge in Forex rates and international finance.

This course will teach you, why Forex rates are varying or changing between two countries and will explain the determinants or drivers of Forex Parity Theories.

This course will also take you through the Theoretical concepts behind Forex Rates covering

a) Interest Rate Parity Theory

b) Purchasing Power Parity Theory

c) Arbitrage Opportunities

d) Pure Expectation Theory

e) International Fisher Effect.

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Video lectures are used for delivering the course content.

Theoretical concepts and supporting case studies are used for covering the subject matter.

Take this course to gain authority in fundamental theoretical concepts of Forex Rates Parity Theories.

What am I going to get from Forex course?

  • Understand Drivers of Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Understand Interest Rate Parity Theory
  • Understand Purchasing Power Parity Theory
  • Understand Arbitrage Opportunities
  • Understand Pure Expectation Theory
  • Understand International Fisher Effect

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