Cut AdWords Certification Time In Half



Cut AdWords Certification Time In Half

Cut AdWords Certification Time In Half

Prepping for your AdWords Certification exam? Fredrick Vallaeys highlights the areas you should focus on learning if you want to succeed (and save time!):

Cut AdWords Certification Time In Half

These Study Guides For Shopping & YouTube

Do you need to study for your AdWords certification exams or will you pass without cracking a book? Columnist and former Googler Frederick Vallaeys lays out the critical things to know for the Shopping and YouTube tests.

Unlike doctors, most of us PPC professionals don’t have fancy-looking diplomas hanging in our offices. That’s if we even have an office at all and don’t work from a cubicle or, in the case of a lucky few, from the beach.

Myself, I proudly display the certificate I got from Google about 10 years ago for having accrued a million clicks in AdWords. Back then, that was a big deal, but the paper certificate wasn’t the prettiest.

Now Google’s offering to send a much better-looking certificate to any member of the Google Partners program who passes all six AdWords certification exams in the next two weeks. (You must be signed up to receive Partners News, Special Invitations, and Promotions to receive the certificate.) For the record, I’ve been hosting weekly refresher courses on behalf of Google to help people prep for these exams, but they didn’t ask me to write this article.

As you can probably tell from my previous columns, I’m all about efficiency. And if you’re actually using AdWords professionally, chances are you’re ready to just take the test and quickly get the 80 percent score required to pass. You’ll probably even do it in a lot less time than the 90 to 120 minutes Google allows, depending on the test.

Since there’s probably no need for you to spend hours prepping, I’d like to help you figure out how ready you are. Keep in mind that if you overestimate your own readiness and fail the first time, you have to wait a week before you can take the test again.

I’ll tell you some of the concepts you should know so you can decide if you should just start the test and get it over with or if you need to brush up on your knowledge first with Google’s detailed study guides. I’ll cover just the shopping and video certifications today because these are the two tests that touch on tools other than AdWords that people may be less familiar with.

There’s definitely no substitute for using the tools to get ready for the certification exam, but here is what you should focus on learning.

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